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How to Forward Incoming Calls

Call forwarding allows you to forward calls from your work phone to another phone so you don't miss a call.

For a GTA phone line:

To activate Call Forwarding on a GTA phone line, dial *72. Dial the number to which you want to forward your calls. When someone at that number answers, Call Forwarding is activated.

If no one answers or the line is busy, press the receiver button for one second and repeat the steps listed above within two minutes. When you hear two beeps, Call Forwarding has been activated.

To deactivate Call Forwarding, dial *73. You will hear two short tones followed by dial tone indicating Call Forwarding has been deactivated.

For a VOIP phone:

To enable, Press "Forward All" button and
enter the destination phone number

to disable call forwarding:
Press the same "Forward All" button.

Updated on: 03/26/2020

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