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I received a suspicious email, what do I do?

Please remember not to click on any suspicious links or download any files attached. The UOG Office of IT wants to remind the community that our office will NEVER directly contact users to provide email password information.

DO NOT click or download any suspicious links or files from senders you do not recognize.
Report the email as a phish on our system
Click the ellipses on the top right-hand side of the email
Navigate to Security Options
Click Mark as Phishing from the extra menu that appears
If you clicked the links and gave out your information notify as soon as possible

What's phishing?

Phishing attacks are the practice of sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a reputable source. It is usually performed via email. The goal is to steal sensitive data such as financial and login information.

How to spot a Phish?

Look out for spelling and grammatical inconsistencies
Be wary of emails that have a shortened link composed within the body of the email.
Phishing emails can consist of but are not limited to job offers, gift card purchases, account/password inquiries, etc.
Expect the unexpected. Familiar names can be the bait to the hook.
Never give out personal or financial information based on an email request.

Updated on: 05/26/2022

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