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(Coming Soon!) Employee Proxy: How to add and remove an Employee Proxy Time Keeper and/or Time Approver

This feature is coming soon! In the meantime, to Add or Remove an Employee Proxy, please fill out Self Service Authorization Update Form and submit to the Payroll Office.

What is an Employee Proxy/Person?

An Employee Proxy/Person is an ad-hoc, temporary assignment of specific Self-Service duties (e.g., Time Keeper and/or Time Approver) to an alternate employee .

How to add/remove an Employee Proxy

Navigate to Employee Proxy

Login to Self-Service (How to login to Self-Service)
Click Employee
Select Employee Proxy

If your account has existing proxies, a table of Active Proxies will be shown along with detailed information.

Add an Employee Proxy

Click + Add Proxy
Select Proxy Type, in the drop down menu (e.g., Time Approval or Time Keeper)
Type in the Effective Date that the Proxy will begin
(Optional) Type in the Revoke Date that the Proxy will end
Search for Proxy by typing in the employee's ID number or typing their first and last name. (e.g., "888888" or "John Smith")
Select the employee to act as proxy
Click Add Proxy when finished

Adding an Employee Proxy will send a notification to their Triton email that they've been granted employee proxy access.

Remove an Employee Proxy

To remove an existing proxy, click the red icon in the corresponding Active Proxies row.
Click Delete to confirm the proxy removal

Removing an Employee Proxy will send a notification to their Triton email that their proxy access has been revoked or changed.

Updated on: 04/13/2022

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