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Time Approver: How to approve or reject time entries

What is a Time Approver?

Designated Administrator Time Approvers and Employee Proxy Time Approvers approve or reject time entries, after review by a Time Keeper.

A Time Approver is also capable of reviewing and reconciling time entries. Learn more here.

Navigate to Time Approval

Login to Self-Service (How to login to Self-Service)

For Employee Proxy Time Approvers: Upon logging in, you will be prompted to choose an account to view. Your non-proxy account will be marked with a blue You ribbon. Select the employee proxy account you would like to view and click Continue.
Click Employee
Select Time Approval

Filter time entries

Under Pay Cycles, check Bi-Weekly Payrolls* to view a list of pay periods.
Check the pay dates you'd like to review
Check the Status you'd like to review
Submitted: Time entries that are submitted
Not Complete: Time entries where some time has been entered
No Time Entered: Time entries where no time has been entered
Approved: Time entries that are approved
Rejected: Time entries that are rejected
Click Apply Filters to proceed
After applying the filters, a list of employees will appear
To clear out the check boxes or filters, click Reset Filters

Approve or reject time entries

Click on an employee's name to reveal Bi-Weekly Payroll rows, that match the selected filters

Click on Comments to view comment history and add your own!
Click Approve or Reject on a Bi-Weekly Payroll row to approve or reject both weeks at once
Click on a Bi-Weekly Payroll row to Approve, Reject, Comment, and View each week individually
If rejecting, enter the reason in the text box and click Reject
Repeat steps seven through nine for all employees

Rejecting or approving a time entry will send an email notification to the employee's Triton Email.

Updated on: 04/14/2022

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