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How do I submit time entry?

Submitting Time Entries

Login to Self-Service (How to login to Self-Service)
Click Employee
Select Time Entry
You will see a list of Weekly Payrolls

Employees must complete time entries and click Submit for Approval for both weeks in the pay period, even if there are zero hours to submit.
Scroll down and select the current payroll week by clicking the date range
Manually enter work hours in the REGULAR EARNINGS row
For Full-time employees with fixed work schedule hours, click the blue Apply button in the Work Schedule row to automatically apply scheduled work hours
Add Additional Time for appropriate leave types
Click + Additional Time
Click Choose Earn Type
Scroll to and select the accurate earn type (e.g., Sick Leave, Vacation Leave - Annual, etc. . .)
Manually enter the hours in the new earn type row under the corresponding day columns

Delete Additional Time (leave hours) by clicking the Remove Additional Time button on the corresponding Earn Type row, if needed
To finalize your time entry for the week you are editing, Click Submit for Approval
Use the right arrow at the top of the page to navigate to the next Weekly Payroll and repeat steps one through seven

Updated on: 04/13/2022

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